7 Coolest Washing Machine Facts

With the growth of technology, the society has generally improved in terms of making work easier. Nowadays, you do not have to hand wash your laundry but instead you can acquire the services a quality washing machine to do the same for you. Different companies produce different types of washing machines. However, most of them have common features and facts that our washing machines repair team seeks to exploit in this article.

What are the seven facts about your washing machine?

As aforementioned, washing machines have some several general facts. Some of them include:

1. They are time saving

Whichever the brand of washing machine that you use, big or small, they always try to do your laundry in a much lesser time as compared to hand washing. This not only saves you time but also the effort of having to wash your clothes using your hand. In addition to that, it can also be cost effective, as you will not have to spend money to hire someone to do the laundry for you.

2. Vinegar serves to clean the washing machine

Many people who own washing machine perhaps do not know this but it is a fact that vinegar can clean your washing machine. You can achieve this by mixing two cups of white vinegar then putting it into the washing machine. It is important to note that you do not have to put any clothes or add any detergents to the vinegar during this wash. Your washing machine should be clean with just one wash.

3. You can kill the germs using hot water

In the case that you have a sick family member, there may arise the need to wash the patient’s beddings. In that case, it is wise to do so using hot water as this will kill the germs in the process. Hot water kills germs and reduces the chances of another person getting sick.

4. Washing machines have been around for a long time now

Many people think that washing machines are a recent invention. Well, the truth is they are not. The first washing machine appeared as early as 1760s. The washing machine was not obviously what we have today and has continued to evolve with the passage of time.

5. They are responsible for loss of socks

You may have noticed that most of your socks are not in pairs and you are probably wondering where they are. Shockingly, your washing machine might be responsible. According to reports, some scientists have developed a formula called the Sock Loss Index.

6. They use a lot of water

Washing machines may be efficient and fast but they also use a lot of water. You may have noticed that you now pay more in water bills as opposed to before when you did not have a washing machine.

7. The machines had a role to play in Women’s Rights

Washing machines do the laundry perfectly thereby relieving the women off some of their duties. This gives them enough time to study and attend to other issues. This has also enhanced their fight for human rights.

It is important to note that, it is cheaper to repair your washing machine as opposed to completely replacing it. Old models provide better services as compared to the newly developed.

Apart from the normal washing and providing efficiency, there are several facts about a washing machine that you did not probably know. Some of them are as discussed above. Now you are aware.