Washing Machine No Power Repair Singapore

When a washing machine cannot be powered on, laundry starts to pile up. This can be frustrating since the two alternatives that first come to mind, hand washing and laundry services, are either time-consuming or expensive.

If you are looking a repair service, contact Neo’s Washing Machine Repair. We can restore the power to your washer or dryer at an affordable price. Reach out to our team for more information.

To learn more about the cause of a “washing machine no power” problem, continue reading below for a detailed explanation.

Repair Fuse - Washing Machine No Power

Inside a washing machine, there are safety devices known as fuses. Its purpose is to protect the electrical circuit inside from excessive electrical current, which can damage expensive parts and create a fire hazard.

The fuse is a one-time use safety device. Once it has been activated, it permanently cuts off the flow of electricity to the washing machine. That is why, after an electrical surge, the washing machine will have no power and cannot be turned on.

In this scenario, the method to repair the washing machine “no power” problem is replacing the fuse.

Depending on the brand and model of your washing machine, it may require specialised parts, tools and expertise.

Repair PCB - Washing Machine No Power

The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and Motherboard is the brain of a washing machine. It controls the function of all the electrical components. When it does not work properly, the washing machine may not be able to power on.

Newer washing machines are more likely to have motherboard problems. This is because they are more dependent on their internal computers. Older washing machines are more mechanical, and therefore have less circuit board problems.

It may be difficult to repair the motherboard on some washing machine models, because washing machine manufacturers are limiting the availability of parts.

To identify the problematic part that is causing the washing machine problem before the repair, we may need to carry out an onsite inspection. Our charges for transportation and inspection is $30.

Other Washing Machine No Power Reasons

Other than the above reasons for a washer or dryer “no power” problem, another common reason is electrical problems. The washing machine might not be able to turn on because it is not receiving electricity from the socket. To test this, you can plug another device into the socket to test if it works.

If the socket does not work, you will have to contact an electrician instead.

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