Washing Machine Not Spinning (Cannot Spin)

The spinning action of a washing machine is produced by many interconnected mechanical parts. When one of these parts fail, the whole system will fail to operate smoothly, or at all.

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If you are interested to learn more about the washing machine “does not spin” problem and a few possible causes, read on below.

Washing Machine Drive Belt "Not Spinning" Repair

The drive belt is used to drive the rotation of the washing machine drum. It goes through continuous movement during each wash cycle. With usage, this belt will wear down and deteriorate.

Eventually, the drive belt may come loose and fall out or snap during a spin cycle. Without the drive belt, the rotational force generated by the motor cannot be transferred to the drum, resulting in a washing machine that cannot spin.

If the drive belt is the cause of the problem, the way to repair the washing machine repair is to replace the belt. An experienced technician will dismantle the washing machine to access the drive belt, inspect for additional damage due to the snapping, then replace the broken belt with a new one.

Washing Machine Tub Bearing "Not Spinning" Repair

The tub bearing is in the middle of the washing machine drum. It allows the drum to rotate smoothly with little friction. It is protected from moisture using rubber seals.

As the rubber seals deteriorate with age, it will eventually allow liquid to seep through the rubber seals and come into contact with the bearings, causing it to rust.

The rust reduces the effectiveness of the bearing by increasing friction between the two bearing races. At first, this will cause the washing machine to be noisier than usual when it is running.

Eventually, the rust will weaken the bearing, causing it to either break or overload. When this happens, the washing machine drum won't spin.

To repair the not spinning problem, the tub bearing must be replaced. The entire washing machine must be dismantled to reach the tub bearing.

Washing Machine Drive Pulley "Not Spinning" Repair

The drive pulley is connected to the drive belt. The drive belt transfers power from the drive motor to the drive pulley to rotate the washing machine drum.

This pulley has a large exposed surface area which is susceptible to dust and grease buildup. Over time, the buildup may cause the pulley to get stuck. When this happens, the washing machine must be disassembled to resolve the problem.

In some instances, the drive pulley may also have to be replaced, as continuous motion can wear out the part if it is not sufficiently lubricated, or there is dirt trapped between the moving parts.

Washing Machine Drive Motor "Not Spinning" Repair

The drive motor converts electricity into rotational force. This is the most important part of the washing machine. Before motors were used in drum-based washing machine, we had to use our own energy to crank the washing machine drum.

Motors usually fail when there is low resistance due to degraded insulation on the coils within it. This problem can only be fixed by replacing the entire motor as it has reached the end of its useable lifespan.

Problems like this is why we keep our transportation and diagnosis charge low. We want our customers to be able to salvage their washing machines at an affordable price, but in order to know if it can be done, an onsite diagnosis is a must.

Other Washing Machine "Not Spinning" Repair

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