5 Essential Washing Machine Maintenance Techniques

Washing machines are a great asset to most of us. Not only do they help us the effort of dealing with laundry, but they help save much time that we can use on more pressing issues. However, failure to maintain a washing machine in the right ways can lead to more problems that goodness. With a poorly maintained machine, you will end up spending more due to high bills or repair costs, which is the reason you need to take appropriate measures to take care of the washer. Read the tips below and ensure that you use them in your machine's maintenance after use.

Keep door or lid of the machine open

While you may probably not be aware of this, this is a significant step to keep your machine running for a much longer period. It helps allow the evaporation of moisture left inside the washing drum. This is crucial as this moisture can make you drum start smelling should it be left lying there for long. More so, failure to get rid of this moisture makes your washer more prone to the growth of mildew which not only makes your washing machine smell, but it is also an allergen dangerous for your health. Do not also forget to wipe the moisture off the rubber seal inside the door as well as pulling out the dispenser drawer after each use on front-loading washers, just to be sure that you get rid of all the moisture.

Deep scrub your machine

It is not a good idea to only load your machine with clothes to wash and assume that because it gives clothes, it also cleans itself. With time, your machine gets built up with detergents, dirt, and grime which can lower its efficiency. Therefore, you need to deep-clean your machine regularly, a good idea which is at least once a month. Employ the use of cleaners designed to clean your washing machines. So, research on the appropriate cleaner and make sure you are using the right one. When using this cleaner, run your machine on a hot wash but keep the cycle empty. Other than washing your machine, also check for any rusting and make sure that you remove it.

Avoid using excess detergent

While most washing machine users think that much soap is good for cleaner clothes, this is not true. Much detergent only damages your washing machine's motor and water pipes. So always follow what the washing machine's manufacturer recommends about the amount of detergent to use. You should even reduce this quantity when using soft water.

Do not overload

Did you know that loading your machine with too much laundry for one wash can damage it and reduce its lifespan? If not, then know that from today. Why is this so? Overloading your washer puts much pressure on the motor which consequently leads to overheating of the machine. Besides, this reduces the machine's efficiency to spin, thereby not giving cleaner clothes.

Hire a washing machine repair company in Singapore for your machine issues

It is no doubt that your washing machine can get damaged at one point in time. When most of us decide to handle the washing machines repair Singapore of such problems by ourselves, this is not a good solution as you might end up damaging your washing machine even more. Hence, hire an expert who can guarantee the proper repair of your washer. Be cautious of the repair services which may be a fraud just to be sure you engage qualified persons. Such a measure will cost you at that time, but it will help you save much in the long run.

No one wants to purchase a washing machine but have it serving for a short time due to negligence. So, follow the tips covered above and be sure to maintain your machine running as required for a longer period.