Washing Machine Water Leaking Repair Singapore

If you find a puddle of water at the bottom washing machine or dryer, it means that the appliance is leaking. Discovering a washing machine leak can be frustrating, especially when you are trying to get laundry done.

We can repair your washing machine leak. Give us a call or message to enquire about a quotation, and book an appointment with us if you think our services are right for you.

Washing machine water leaks can be a minor or major issue, depending on the cause. Below are a few common problematic parts that may be the source of your washing machine leak. Read on to find out more.

Washing Machine Drain Pump Water Leak Repair

At the bottom of the washing machine, there is a drain pump which moves used water from the washer into the drainage system in the property. This drain pump is connected to the washing machine through hoses.

These hoses are connected to the drain pump using metal clamps. These clamps must be well tightened, otherwise water may leak at the connection points.

Additionally, damage at the drain pump connection points may also be the cause of a washing machine water leak at the bottom. In this scenario, the drain pump may have to be replaced completely.

Our washing machine technicians can repair drain pump water leaks. If you have any questions about drain pump washing machine repairs, call us for more information. We can also arrange an onsite diagnosis.

Washing Machine Gasket Seal Water Leak Repair

When a front-load washing machine is running, an airtight seal is created between the front door and the drum with a flexible rubber gasket. Over time, depending on the material blend used, the gasket may either harden or loosen.

If the gasket hardens, the material will become brittle and eventually tear. This is normal if your washing machine is older because the gasket goes through constant compression and decompression whenever the door is opened and closed respectively.

When there is a tear in the gasket, water is able to escape the drum during the wash cycle, resulting in a water leak from the bottom.

If the gasket loosens, there will be gaps between the washing machine door and frame, compromising the airtight seal. This will also allow water to leak out of the bottom of the drum when it is filled.

The way to repair this washing machine problem is to replace the gasket completely. Unfortunately, we may not always be able to do this, and if we are, it may sometimes be pricier than expected. This is because most washing machines models have unique gaskets, and manufacturers are sometimes not willing to supply these gaskets to repair companies.

Contact us for more information, and to enquire about washing machine repair for your washing machine or dryer rubber gasket.

Washing Machine Hose Water Leak Repair

The drain hose conveys used water from the washing machine to the standpipe in your property. It is usually made with PVC, and is attached to the washing machine using a metal hose clamp.

This hose can crack during normal usage if it was damaged during the manufacturing or installation process. This crack will allow water to leak out of the washing machine when it is being drained out.

If you need washing machine repair for water leaking out of the drain hose, contact us. If you are unsure if this is the problem you are facing, that is not an issue. Our technicians can carry out an onsite diagnosis at a nominal transportation fee of $30. This fee will be waived if you proceed with the repair service.

Other Water Leaking Repair

Besides the above causes, there are other problems which can cause a washing machine to leak. Let us help you resolve your washing machine leaking problem, contact Neo’s Washing Machine Repair Singapore for more information and a cost estimate today.