Washing Machine Water Not Draining

When a washing machine is not able to drain, the clothes inside become stuck due to the automatic locking function. And even if you could open the door, a full drum of used water and laundry will spill out onto the floor, creating a huge mess.

Neo’s Washing Machine Repair Singapore can fix this drainage problem. Contact us to learn more about the repair process, and book a service appointment. We offer same-day service (based on availability).

If you would like to learn more about the washing machine repair process for this issue, read on. There are a few reasons why your washing machine will not drain water, we will explain the most common ones below.

Washing Machine Drain Pump Water Not Draining

The drain pump manages the drainage of water inside a washing machine. It is the device that drains used water out of the appliance and into the standpipe.

When this pump fails, water that has been pumped into the drum may not be able to drain out, This results in a washing machine drum being completely filled with water with no way to drain.

A drain pump fails when its impeller is not able to function properly. Inside the drain pump, the impeller is the component that gives the pump its ability to drain water.

This impeller stops working when the bearings or electrical wiring are damaged and degraded.

In most scenarios, the washing machine drain pump cannot be repaired, it must be replaced.

Our company can diagnose, repair and replace drain pump problems from most washing machine brands when it won't drain. Contact us now for more information.

Washing Machine Drainage Hose Water Not Draining

The drainage hose is a flexible hollow tube made of plastic polymer. During a wash cycle, this hose transfers used water from the washing machine into the drainage system.

Before passing through the drainage hose, the used water will flow past a pump filter to trap larger debris. However, this filter is not 100% effective. Over time, particles may build up in the hose, causing a choke.

When this happens, you will face the "washing machine water not draining" problem, as water cannot flow out of the hose. This results in the washing machine filling up with water without the ability to drain.

To repair this washing machine problem, we will attempt to clear the choke in the drainage hose. However, this is not always possible. The choke can cause damage to the hose, making it prone to future problems. If this is the case, we will repair by replacing the drainage hose.

Washing Machine Drainage Not Draining Repair

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