Washing Machine Repair Services Singapore

Singapore’s leading washing machine repair service, providing affordable washer and dryer repair since 2003.

If you are facing problems with your washing machine or dryer, give our team a call. We provide affordable washing machine repair service, with common problems resolved in one appointment.

Washing machine and dryers are essential appliances. They are a convenient tool for cleaning clothes efficiently. And when they stop working properly, used and dirty clothes pile up fast.

We repair washers and dryers from all brands, contact us today for more information.

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Highlights of our Washing Machine Repair Service

  • Same-day washing machine repair service
  • Affordable and upfront repair pricing
  • All front-load and top-load washing machines
  • Knowledgeable and friendly technicians
  • Waivable transportation fee

Washing Machine Repair during Singapore’s “Circuit Breaker”

The Ministry of Trade and Industry has declared that the washing machine repair service we provide is essential. We are allowed to continue serving our customers through the circuit breaker, and the phase one easing period.

This is listed on the government’s GoBusiness portal, on their list of essential services.

Our appliance (dryer and washing machine) repair services is under number seven in the “Others” category.

About our Washing Machine Repair Company

Our team has more than 10 years of experience in the industry, and we specialise in the repair of washing machines and dryers. We are known for our affordable prices and same-day service.

In 2018 and 2019, we were rated the number one repair service provider for all major washing machine and dryer brands. The common brands we repair are Samsung, Electrolux, Bosch, Europace, Panasonic, Candy and many more.

We have repaired more than 10,000 washing machines and dryers for satisfied homeowners across Singapore.

Is Washing Machine Repair Singapore worth the money?

Yes, washing machine repair is cheaper than buying a new washing machine.

Buying a well-built washing machine will cost around one to two thousand dollars, while repairing your washing machine will only cost a small fraction of that amount. That is why most customers choose to repair instead of replace.

To find out exactly how much it will cost to repair your washing machine, call our team at Closed Until Further Notice and let us know the problem you are facing with your washer or dryer.

How does Washing Machine Repair Singapore work?

The washing machine repair process is easy and convenient. Here is how it works from start to finish.

  1. Call our team, and let our staff know what is wrong with your washing machine or dryer. It will be helpful if you are also able to provide the brand, model number and pictures. Based on the information you provide, we will then arrange an appointment at a time of your convenience. Our inspection and transport charge is $30 nett.

  2. During the arranged time slot, a qualified technician will arrive at your home to inspect your washing machine with a set of specialised tools. He will then inform you of the available repair options, and exactly how much it will cost. If you proceed with the repair, we can usually complete the repair there and then, as we maintain an inventory of more than a hundred of common parts in our vehicles.

  3. If you proceed with the repair, the $30 inspection and transport charge will be waived. And if the required parts are available in the vehicle, the technician will complete the repair on the spot. In the event that the repair cannot be done immediately, they will work with you to arrange for the repair to be completed on another day.

Majority of our customers proceed with the affordable washing machine repair service after the inspection is complete. However, if you wish to purchase a new washing machine after the inspection, that is not an issue. The total fee will only be $30 for the transportation and inspection service.

Comparing our company with official brand service centres

After the appliance warranty has expired, most official brand service centres will not provide repair services. Those that do may take up to a month to complete the repair, and you may have to arrange for the washing machine to be brought down to their office yourself. They make the process difficult and inconvenient because they prefer that you purchase a new appliance instead.

With our Singapore washing machine repair specialists, you will receive faster and more affordable repair services. Get in touch now to arrange an appointment.

Reviews of our Washing Machine Repair service

Excellent service by your technician, he clearly knew what he was doing and found the issue with my washer almost immediately.

**Adrian, Choa Chu Kang**

My laundry was stuck in the machine, so after checking only they were willing to help me as it was a Sunday. Very good job done!

**Thunga, Sembawang**

Common Washing Machine repair issues

Traditional washing machines and dryers utilise more mechanical parts for its function, and are easier to repair. Newer appliances use proprietary motherboards and in-built computers, and may be more difficult to repair.

There are a few common washing machine problems which we are able to repair, here is a list:

  • Not spinning
  • Water leaking
  • Not drying
  • Dirty clothes
  • No power
  • and more

There are many components in a washing machine, and when one of them fails, the above problems may occur. Our certified technicians will dismantle your washing machine and inspect the internal parts with specialised tools. Backed by their 10+ years of experience, they can usually diagnose the problem and detect the faulty parts within just 20 minutes.

How long does it take to repair my washing machine?

Most repairs are completed within 90 minutes. This means that in most cases, we are able to get your washing machine up and running again on the same day.

Same-day repair is a service only we can offer. Our repair companies bring your washing machine back to their workshop to carry out the repairs, then bring it back to you after it is complete. Our team does it differently, we bring our workshop to you.

Our service vehicles are fully stocked with washing machine parts, and all of our technicians are trained, certified and experienced repairmen. This allows us to complete the repair in your home.

Our in-home repair service comes at no additional cost to you.

Washing Machine Repair Cost in Singapore

The cost of washing machine repair depends on what parts have to be changed, and the time taken to complete the repair. This can only be determined after inspecting the washing machine. The fee for inspection and diagnosis is $30.

The inspection and diagnosis fee will be 100% waived if you proceed with the washing machine repair.

The total cost of repair is usually only a small fraction of the cost to buy a new washing machine. The affordability of our repair services the reason why we have more than 10,000 satisfied customers.

If you want an estimate of the cost, please contact our team by calling Closed Until Further Notice. There is no obligation to book an appointment.